Benefits of Full Day Kindergarten

By BASIS Independent Academies on October, 15 2018

Kindergarten forms the foundation for a lifetime of learning. In fact, the development of strong social skills during kindergarten has been linked to adult success and wellness.

A longitudinal study of 800 individuals published in the American Journal of Public Health found that important outcomes in late adolescence and early adulthood such as graduating high school on time, getting a college degree and securing stable employment or a full-time job are influenced by early social competence.

There’s no doubt that early education benefits children, but as a parent, trying to decide between the different preschool and kindergarten programs available may be a challenge.  

Whether you’re considering enrolling your child in full-day kindergarten or you’re just curious about the benefits of full-day kindergarten programs in general, the infographic below breaks down the educational and social benefits for children, parents and teachers.

Benefits-of-Full-Day-Kindergarten (3)-1

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